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Charms for retro game store database?

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So i use to references for all my video game stores across the country. This site’s and another retrogameshunter.com. Now the gameshunter site has this neat feature that helps some stores stand out from the others with little charms that get applied. Why is this helpful?  Well if you are on the hunt for a hidden gem you may not want to waste your time calling “half price books” who barely know what a video game is. Or one of the 757365763 game exchange franchises that may have your game but will not ship. Some stores also frequently get good games in because they paymore for them to attract more customers. Anyhow, perhaps its worth a look?  I know we have reviews and those are nice but are subjective... but they do still help. However would be helpful just to search by all “known” stores that (ship, known to have rare deals, and friendly). I guess the latter two qualities can be subjective but shipping not so much lol. Below are some ideas for charms for them

1) shipping boat 🛳-  indicates that this store ships

2). A gem 💎 icon - indicates that this particular store has proven to have a few rare finds

3). A dollar 💵 icon - for all the stores that typically are over priced

4). A handshake 🤝 icon - for all stores willing to negotiate 

5). A tumbleweed or cartridge with a ? Mark on it - for all stores that rarely have any games or can barely spell video games

6). A party icon party 🎉- for the stores that offer something more than just buy/sell/trade games. Perhaps they have gaming nights locally or something special 

7). Bandit icon - for any stores that act as scoundrels lol. Great example selling reproductions as the real deal and should be avoided  

we can come up with more but for the time being i think everyone gets the general idea lol. Heck ive called nearly over half of these stores in the past 4 months that i could probably help tell which ones get some icons from my experience. Then it would be cool to search for a store by these characteristics 

hope this helps!

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