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Yet another full NES set question.

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I have a question about the different releases of Impossible Mission 2, for anyone on here that came over from NA or actually still cares about stuff like this...I finally gripped the black and white label version of the cart that SEI published, so now I have both that version and also the color label version that was published by SEI and Epyx collaboratively (I also own the AVE release as well, but this question doesn't pertain to that one at all).  Two questions here, actually:

1. Are the boxes & manuals different for the black/white SEI cart vs. the color label SEI/Epyx cart?

2. Is the ROM different at all between those two carts or is this a situation similar to the Caltron/Myriad 6-in-1 debate where they just slapped a new label on a preexisting cartridge?

For a picture and some context I'm linking my instagram post on this.  Thanks, hope someone has some info for me.


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As I understand it, the SEI cart releases had identical boxes, manuals, etc., and unless you knew what batch the case you were opening shipped from, you wouldn't necessarily know which cartridge would come out of the boxes within.  I remember the Pixel Game Squad guys (I believe) meeting up at a wholesaler's warehouse who happened to have cases of that game (and a bunch of others) still sealed and sitting on the shelf and getting the chance to buy some of them.  I want to say one guy got one cart and the other got the other, but it's been at least a couple years or so since I've seen the episode, so I could be slightly off, but I do recall seeing the black and white label cart in the episode for sure.

I have no idea about the ROM, but I would wager that they're identical and most likely the difference came with the black and white labels being late releases where they'd run out of the originals but still had boxes and manuals to go around.  I'm making an educated guess here, but it's common for there to be small differences in cartridge labels but not necessarily boxes and manuals during additional/extended print runs of cartridges.

Hope this helps.

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