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How to price rare SNES box


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I purchased a lot recently and it came with a SNES that was in a Super Game Boy Set box. It was only the box (not even styrofoam) that was used as storage for the console. I don't have the room to display it and am unlikely to find the Styrofoam by itself, so would rather sell the box to somebody who could use it for display (or replace a worse condition outer box)


Problem is that this set seems to be pretty rare and pricecharting only shows 1 sale in the last year so have no idea if that was a good price, or somebody overpaid. It was so long ago I can't even view the listing to see if it included Styrofoam.


How would you guys value something like this when comps are hard to find? Start high and just keep lowering it?


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Yeah I'd start high, open it up to a place like this also to trades at the same time.

If it drops enough it's not worth it or you feel like it's getting into an uncomfortable situation, store it.  Try and find the component pieces even it if slowly take a year, then roll it as that box should be worse to get than even the foam insert as it would be the piece to get stained, ripped and wrecked first and that looks nice.

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