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Error Spotlight Power Monger for the Sega Genesis


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Here's an Error spotlight I've wanted to do for a long time in this entry we will go over what the "error" is and how to find it as well as a theory as to what happened with this particular game.

This one was brought to my attention years ago from a post on digitpress. what exactly is the misprint? The  back of the box appears to have the back of F-22 Interceptor instead of the normal back cover. I couldn't believe it when I eventually came across one which i had to import myself to get. I then began to scrutinize the covers after receiving both copies. I will show you what the differences are between the two covers. I could not find a scan of the error cover so we will have to make due with my more primitive camera work. Starting with the front covers.


one thing that you will notice is that any mention of Bullfrog Productions LTD is missing the real time Strategy blurb is also not there another thing which may not be so apparent is the flames they are slightly different.

now onto the side of the box


the side of the box is quite interesting going over the differences the title on the error is a flat white text in a completely different font the Electronic arts and sega logo is black on the error copy, the picture at the center is taken from the front cover instead of the head, and the ISBN number 1-55543-849-0 belongs to NHLPA Hockey 93  now onto the back


the back is of course the most plain to see, but only a couple things to note on here the picture is not from the back of the F-22 interceptor box, but from the back of the power monger manual right down to the 71505 in the corner. The inspected by sticker is in fact printed on the cover and not a sticker which was initialed by hand . I have seen different copies initialed differently. what conclusions can be drawn from this type of comparison. With the differences in the art work seemingly coming from one source (the manual). the inspected by notation on the back, the lack of the developer's name on it. This would at least to me seem to be artwork sent over to the developer for inspection and approval which ended up getting mass printed on some copies. Everything seems to be unfinished on the error copy. Using assets from a select source the inspected by circle.

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