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I like my game Clannad that came I have always searched for it at store fronts and got in days even though rare, NS order with prices up!

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I missed out on this title for Nintendo Switch the prices are up now for Clannad and I paid okay. I strangely was looking for this game at store fronts and never found over the longest time. I noticed in the early week it was rare and got one copy right on time for Friday night. I am going to enjoy its my first actual play of a visual novel adventure and I remember how the choose your own adventure books went, I hope this to be similar. I see Clannad's got about 60 hours play time and I hear of many short games these days. Looking for complex VN game. I find the price is rising its trending now at $170.00 US new and copies are starting to be scarce I will be opening my sealed copy real soon tonight. I have attached my own picture a LRG!


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