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SNES development(?) board?


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This board was purchased some time ago when nintendoage was still around. I have no history on the board and no one seems to know where it came from. Possibly a developer board. My guess would be something to take screen shots of game play judging by the translation. I cannot find anything else like this around. Hoping someone may have some idea here. 

Nothing will load on screen on either an SNES console or a Retron 3 console. 

Translation provided by a Reddit user: 

 浜江スペシャル写真撮り用 R ポーズ - L コマ送り


"Hamae Special for shooting photos." "R pause - L frame advance"

"Please let us know if you find it on other than the 4th floor. "




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Theres nothing on that game board, but it is a legit game board. I sold that thing on nintendoage many moons ago for a fraction of what it was listed on ebay. It wasn't uncommon for dev boards to be socketed because board fab is expensive and it was cheaper to just reuse the one board.

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