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Just now, JVOSS said:

So the whole Code153288558_vgsitme.png.598e5c979cbc1eda7ea367d70e7466d5.png Part not an option/working? 

That is for literally just posting code, to share the code. It's handy if people ever want to share their code, for example, in a homebrew making guide of some sort.

For example, if I was to make a guide like Nerdy Nights, it might go like this:

Original thread: https://connect.gocollect.com/discussion/6082

The palettes start at PPU address $3F00 and $3F10. To set this address, PPU address port $2006 is used. This port must be written twice, once for the high byte then for the low byte:

  LDA $2002    ; read PPU status to reset the high/low latch to high
  LDA #$3F
  STA $2006    ; write the high byte of $3F10 address
  LDA #$10
  STA $2006    ; write the low byte of $3F10 address


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