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[FS/O/T] Ultra HDMI N64


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Ultra HDMI N64

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I have an Ultra HDMI N64 for sale/trade. It's a regular black model, and was done by Ichinisan & his brother back on NA. Works fine, I just don't play old games on the big screen as much as I thought I would since I got my tiny JVC CRT. Comes w/ the cable they provided to me when I purchased it, power supply, and expansion pak.

I didn't take photos cuz it's packed up, call me lazy. I'll happily take it out and photograph it if anyone is interested.

I'd prefer to do trades if possible. I'd do a straight trade for Kuon on PS2, or CIB games that I am looking for, of which I do not really have a comprehensive list. Mostly SNES, PS1, PS2. A few notable titles I'm looking for off the top of my head:

  • Kuon PS2
  • Mystical Ninja SNES
  • Spanky's Quest SNES
  • Maui Mallard SNES
  • Mystical Ninja starring Goemon N64
  • Castlevania Symphony of the Night PS1
  • Snow Brothers NES

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