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Ultra HDMI N64

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I have an Ultra HDMI N64 for sale/trade. It's a regular black model, and was done by Ichinisan & his brother back on NA. Works fine, I just don't play old games on the big screen as much as I thought I would since I got my tiny JVC CRT. Comes w/ the cable they provided to me when I purchased it, power supply, and expansion pak.

I didn't take photos cuz it's packed up, call me lazy. I'll happily take it out and photograph it if anyone is interested.

I'd prefer to do trades if possible. I'd do a straight trade for Kuon on PS2, or CIB games that I am looking for, of which I do not really have a comprehensive list. Mostly SNES, PS1, PS2. A few notable titles I'm looking for off the top of my head:

  • Kuon PS2
  • Mystical Ninja SNES
  • Spanky's Quest SNES
  • Maui Mallard SNES
  • Mystical Ninja starring Goemon N64
  • Castlevania Symphony of the Night PS1
  • Snow Brothers NES

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I don't know much about the Ultra HDMI mod. Is this a pretty high quality modification? Do you know if a better version has been created since you got this one? As you can tell, I may be interested.



To my knowledge this is currently the best available way to play N64 via HDMI. Others on NA also went in on the same group by that was done by the brothers (Ichinisan and Czroe) that bought the units and did the mod, and I believe they'd attest to the quality of work and the mod itself. Here's a full (public) list of the people they did these for; you can look up NintendoAge folks and ask around on VGS if you want opinions on the quality: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u6qYeVU_ZcBakCNbX43mjCUgSK-U2CH-ZXWNHPIQKBo/edit#gid=293186896

You'll see I was actually the very first person who signed up for what ended up being a pretty decent few group buy rounds. Note that my price is higher because 1) THEY supplied the N64 (to save on shipping one back and forth - see the shipping cost!), and 2) I bought an 8bitdo Super NT controller from them in the same transaction.



Here's an old thread from the group buy they did on shmupspeed where Ichinisan goes into detail on the mod:



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