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"My Picture is too Bright" - Output Termination


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Some professional CRTs will require you to terminate any unused outputs. You will know you need them if your image is very bright, and the picture controls don't fix it all the way, or they do but need to be adjusted to one extreme or the other. 

This is fixed by either using the output, or putting a dedicated 75Ω terminator on the output jack to simulate the 75Ω load that using the output would normally yield. Terminators come in little BNC plugs that just cap off the unused outputs. I recommend getting some, cause they are cheap and you may need them.


Many PVMs have auto terminating outputs, while a lot of BVMs need termination added. There are many exceptions to the rule, so just check the tube you end up getting by putting a terminator on and comparing if the brightness is the exact same as it is without or not.  If it is the exact same, you likely have an auto terminating output. Another indicator is auto terminating outputs often have the schematic symbol for a resistor next to the output to tell you there is termination resistance on it. Some may even have a switch to toggle termination on and off. 


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