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(Group Buy) Super Mario 35th Anniversary T-Shirt L size


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So I saw a small stash of L size of this t-shirt, and since all sizes are basically sold out everywhere, and only XS is still in stock on the website, I thought I could buy as many as possible, and ship to the USA to a reference guy, who could re-dispatch to other buyers.

So if at least 10 persons are interested, I can get these for 10$ each and I could probably ship for below 15$ if it's a single package to a single guy, who would help to re-send locally. So it's better if the reference guy is a trusted member of the board. Total for each person would therefore be around 11-12$

Reserve one here, and once 10 people have reserved, I'll buy them. If they're out of stock, no harm done, I will let you know and cancel the whole deal. I'm taking the risk of buying the shirts without people having sent me any money first. 😉 I'll put the deadline at saturday 20:00 forum time

Detailed photos: CLICK HERE





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