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How do I set up the Sega CD games properly on a Mega Everdrive Pro? And what do I do with my Stone Age Gamer $100 voucher? N8 Pro maybe?


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So at loooooong last (I had to wait quite a few weeks as they must've have run out and had a big backlog or something) I finally will have tomorrow or next day my very own Mega Everdrive Pro! 🙂  No, it's not a Mega Everdrive that plays for the NFL! 😄   Rather it lets you play not only regular ol' GEN/SMS games but also Sega CD games!  The thing is though, how exactly do I set up my Sega CD games/files on my micro SD card properly?

Also that purchase put me over the top on getting the 6000 tickets (you get a ticket for every quarter you spend at Stone Age Gamer) needed for $100 worth of store credit at SAG...but the thing is, what should I do with it?  I mean I suppose at some point I could upgrade to the pro version of the N8 (NES) Everdrive but is it really all that worth it?  Or is the regular ol' N8 good enough?  I think I got all my Everdrives waaaaaay back in 2016 so I kinda have run out of ones I don't already have:

NES (N8), SNES (SD2SNES), N64 (Ultra Everdrive 64), GEN/SMS (I should keep my Mega Everdrive as a spare right?) GBA, GB (the old original kind w/o the RTC), TG-16 (I still don't yet have the console for it though), PS1 (PSIO), GC (Wii Homebrew with Nintendon't equipped), DS (Supercard DSTwo I think it's called)

If only SAG sold the Harmony (Atari 2600; the first major flash cart IIRC) or a clean ready set up original Xbox (not one of those filthy dirty ones obviously) that I can easily install MAME/arcade roms on it....

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33 minutes ago, Tulpa said:

It's not exactly clear about how to set up the Sega CD games properly; like do I just have it's relevant files in its folder and select the folder for it rather than the rom inside?  Do I need to run the files through some sort of converter/merger of files or what?

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  • The title was changed to How do I set up the Sega CD games properly on a Mega Everdrive Pro? And what do I do with my Stone Age Gamer $100 voucher? N8 Pro maybe?
20 hours ago, Tulpa said:

You need both the ROM and the Sega CD bios files. There should be separate folders for both on your everdrive. Read page 12 for the relevant part.

The bios is probably available whereever you found the ROMs.

Yep that's all I had to do!  Just like with PSIO, for the Sega CD games, you pick and start the folder rather than the rom inside the folder like you would a GEN/SMS game.  This was definitely worth the wait for sure!

And this time my Trick or Treat promo card was a Treat: $15!  So now I got $115 in SAG store credit.

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