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Work In Progress: List of demo discs for games that never made it to production.


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I've yet to actively start collecting them, but demo discs have fascinated me for a long time.  Many of them are dirt cheap, nobody wants them but if there's a playable game on them, they are kind of like obscure variants that are paired down to bite-sized playable chunks.

I'd personally be interested in mostly PS1 and possibly PS2 demo disc games but what I'd like to try and organize, regardless of system, is a "master list" of demo discs that contained playable demos for games that never made it to final production.

But, I don't know any of those games, so do any of you guys know of such?  Certainly there have to be at least a few out there, especially if you includ kiosk demo discs.  I'll try to organize the details into a spreadsheet and keep this master post updated.  Regardless, I'd appreciate any pointers or links to such media.  Thanks guys.

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