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WTB Help me finish of the NES collection


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Down to the final leg of my NES collection. Would love to knock out a title or 2. Priority is on the last 2 licensed. Thanks for looking.


Dragon fighter

Sword master



6 in 1 - Caltron

6 in 1 - Myriad

Baby Boomer

Bible Buffet

Big Nose Freaks Out

Bubble Bath Babes

Castle of Deceit 

Challenge of the Dragon

Cheetah men 2


Dizzy the adventurer 

Hot Slots

Menace Beach

Moon ranger

P'radikus Conflict

Perk a Boo Poker

Rad Racket - Deluxe Tennis 2

Secret Scout 

Sunday Funday




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Top Posters In This Topic

I have a black Menace Beach cartridge, if you're interested in such?

(your list doesn't specify whether your looking for cartridges or boxed games)

I have no idea what the going rate - Found on sold on eBay, which sold for ~$188 + shipping.

So, maybe, $165 with the shipping costs included? Or feel free to make a fair counter-offer if I'm way off

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