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Virtua Fighter Remix Sega Saturn NFR


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$25-30 for Bin, you could probably get it for less if you waited for auctions.  The other one you're referring to is the promotional copy and it comes in a sleeve with an orange disc.  The expensive version is the longbox version (purple disc).

There's currently a few (blue disc) up on ebay including a bin at $25 and an auction with a day and a half left currently at $4.

Here's the most recent bin https://www.ebay.com/itm/Virtua-Fighter-Remix-Not-for-Resale-Complete-in-Case-Sega-Saturn/184378830434?hash=item2aedd5ae62:g:ViwAAOSwbJtfH1fI

Here's the most recent auction i found https://www.ebay.com/itm/Virtua-Fighter-Remix-For-Sega-Saturn-Complete-NOT-FOR-RESALE/133445345912?epid=4283&hash=item1f11f66278:g:M6EAAOSwbSFe7-1G


If you're selling (and don't mind shipping to canada), let me know.  I collect mint saturn and don't have this variant (have the longbox).

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