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  1. Bump! Looking for Flink.
  2. I don't remember a retailer exclusive trading card, there was a Sin and Punishment themed Wii Points card given out for preorders. Perhaps that's what you saw?
  3. The most recent auction, Oct 11, ended at $143.81. S https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sonic-1-for-the-Sega-Master-system-RARE-USA-edition-with-UPC-STICKER-Very-rare-/174464484318?hash=item289ee4c3de%3Ag%3Ac3QAAOSwhG5fdpJv&nma=true&si=mwbyHpSejgPO132w%2F9GcXeAeqic%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 BIN sales are higher, but if you hunt for auctions you can get it for cheaper. The same seller above auctioned it and two other sonics for $170ish at the end of august.
  4. Who knows. This might not be a bad time to auction it. The last few CIB Dick Tracy's to auction have doubled in price or more from what the game was selling for earlier this year. It's on the harder to find side of the US SMS set and getting some recognition recently it seems.
  5. $25-30 for Bin, you could probably get it for less if you waited for auctions. The other one you're referring to is the promotional copy and it comes in a sleeve with an orange disc. The expensive version is the longbox version (purple disc). There's currently a few (blue disc) up on ebay including a bin at $25 and an auction with a day and a half left currently at $4. Here's the most recent bin https://www.ebay.com/itm/Virtua-Fighter-Remix-Not-for-Resale-Complete-in-Case-Sega-Saturn/184378830434?hash=item2aedd5ae62:g:ViwAAOSwbJtfH1fI Here's the most recent auction i found htt
  6. Illbleed is the best, it's bonkers in the best possible way. It's definitely janky, but I also found that the controls were something you could learn and mostly get used to. I wouldn't blame anyone for finding them (and the combat) to be too off putting though, but i really would recommend giving it some time. If memory serves, Happy Video Game Nerd on youtube (Stop Skeletons From Fighting as his channel is now known as) had a great video on why Illbleed is just lovely. If you appreciate dumb stuff, you should find alot to love in Illbleed. It's legitimately one of my favourite games!
  7. Anyone have a copy? Been on my DS want list for years and years, but as a Canadian shipping costs (or sellers not wanting to ship to me, which is the most common) have made this one tougher to find than it should be. Recently it's not had as much of an online presence either. I figured it might be time to just ask for help
  8. Valkyrie Profile used to be such a mythic game(like suikoden 2 or panzer dragoon saga), it's kinda funny how its been fairly stagnant for so many years. This sellers auction for it looks like it might have really started the price spike. Before it auctions were pretty normal ($140ish) but since this one there have been a few $300 auctions end, and some that are currently running are already at $300. At least from a quick look at things. I looked through a few more of this guys sales, lots of his fighters went stupid too (and often to the same seller). Why did SNK vs Capcom go so high!
  9. May 8th, like new copy auctions for $205. Also May 8th, very nice copy auctions for $208. One day later, May 9th, this dudes auctions for $501. Mind you, it looks like some silly person put in a stupid high bid on the 2nd of may and the winning bidder constantly pushed the bid up on the day the auction ended until he surpassed the previous guys bid. He put in over 20 bids before he took the winning spot. Some bizarre(sorry..) stuff is going on these days. People really should save their silly high bids until the last few seconds. Jojo's likely expensive due to the huge spike in
  10. Dang, must've been an ebay purchase as it doesn't appear in either amazon.ca or .com orders.
  11. My sealed copy has that as well, it's under the wrap. I bought it years ago on amazon (I think .ca, but maybe .com? I could check if you want me to). I think i bought it in 2013. My memory of it was that it wasn't super hard to find at the time, but maybe that was because noone cared? Frankly, back then most gamecube games were super easy to get your hands on if you cared.
  12. The winner looks to be the same person that won many of the interesting variants or games with extras. The Sealed Dragon Ball guide blister pack, Crystal Chronicles gba cable blister, Crystal Chronicles with magnets, the mega man network transmission with pin, sealed Bratz, sealed grim adventures dvd bundle, the killer 7 bundle, hobbit with extras, MK with adema soundtrack and more.
  13. Just opened it and it only had the manual and precautions leaflet. (sorry to derail the thread everyone)
  14. I actually follow your Instagram, love seeing the cool variants. My cubix is unfortunately not sealed, but it took some time to find it so it’ll do. i bought a sealed hot wheels off dealtavern and have been considering opening it to see after I saw that auction end. I always assumed it did, as nitendotwizers excellent cube list doesn’t list a variant.
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