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Anyone got a contact at Lukie Games? Are they closing up shop?


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Back when I was piecing together my Game Boy set, I use to buy lots once or twice a year from Lukie Games and JJ Games.  We know that JJ Games is gone, but I've not heard anything about Lukie.  Basically, I'd create a lot of 15-25 carts, I'd get them and I'd only keep the ones in excellent shape.  If they were in mint condition, it was usually worth the effort and shipping both ways was always free.

Anyway, I went there today to check and see if I had reward points and I do! How did I miss that.  Enough to get a decent game.

But as I started exploring the site, it looks like everything is on sale.  On sale is relative with a store like this, but everything (that I checked anyway) seems to be 50% off or less.  That's pretty high for them.  Also, many of the games are not in stock.  Sure, they do have inventory but compared to the past, I'm surprised it's so low.

We know we are in the middle of COVID madness.  If there's any time a place like this could be making good money on mark-up, it's been the past 5 months or so.  So, does anyone know anything on the inside?  Are they trying to sell off inventory and close up shop?

When I have a bit more time, I'm going to start spot checking their inventory for my needs to see if I can find any super deals.  Maybe they have super-over priced stuff so the discounts look better but, honestly, some of that stuff looks "ok" which, again, doesn't make sense considering they can often sell at a mark up and today people are willing to do that.

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