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Since I finally got a switch I have been playing through the campaign option on Wargroove. This is a really impressive game if you haven't tried it yet.   Pretty much improves on the Adcance Wars in just about every aspect.   You can't just power through by summoning waves of units since there are not that many sites to do so on any one battlefield.  You have to be careful which units you get (especially early on) since the best ones are epenisve and you need to decide what aspects of whatever unit you make are suitable for that battlefield. And while most of the battles are either kill the enemy commander or destroy their base there is a surprisingly wide variety of layouts that offer different challenges.   While air units are important they aren't overwhelmingly dominating in the game.*  

Most of the battles are seriously hard and I have gotten whomped several times on most of them - something that rarely happens to me in most games of this ilk.   Which I like.  Also it is a nice setup that once you have beaten all of the battles you can go back to any one and try them again.

*There are also naval units but I haven't got to those yet.

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