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Hi guys, thanks for viewing my auctions. Any questions, please ask. Payment to be made by PayPal or local pick-up, hahaha. 

Due to Covid-19, I can't ship to all countries. I may have found a courier that can send to other countries outside of USA, Japan, Germany, etc, but shipping may be higher. I'm willing to work with you guys, as we are community. 🙂 I think the only problem would be for any friends in Canada wanting to bid 😢


Auction 1 :

Rockman X 

Starting Bid - $20

high bidder - n/a

shipping - $5

7133426800_1595954584_thumb.jpg 2781560800_1595954589_thumb.jpg 

This is an original Game Boy Color game made by Sachen. It's based on  / inspired by Mega Man .


Auction 2 :

Game King set

Starting Bid - $25

high bidder - n/a

shipping - $10

8235896100_1595955177_thumb.jpg 1774316600_1595955179_thumb.jpg 

The Game King is an original handheld device that came out around 2002 or so. The games are low resolution, but are based off of classic NES games.

This set includes three machines and two game cartridges, which each contain four games. The machine has three games built inside as well.

The black machine I can't get to power on, one of the machines has no audio, and the third has a scratched screen. We've got tinkerers on here, I'm sure these could be restored, and if not, someone would have a ball stripping down and analysing this stuff fully.

Auction 3 :

Sega Boobies 

Starting Bid - $25

high bidder - n/a

shipping - $8

7728651500_1595955854_thumb.jpg 1242863500_1595955856_thumb.jpg 

Three unlicensed original 18+ games for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. Need I say more?


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