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Wii Zapper/Link's Crossbow Training variants


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Does anyone know what a first print Wii Zapper and Link's Crossbow Training look like. I know there are two different boxes for the zapper both with a 2007 date. An all white one with an english/french T rating on the front, and a white one with blue sides with an english only T rating. Pretty sure that version came out first.

All versions of the LCT seem to have the eng/fra rating on the sleeve. Some come with the original Register Your Software insert while later prints have an inset that advertises later release games.

If anyone has Wii Zapper box, could you tell me the code on the tabs? If you have both boxes even better.

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I think you are right that the one with blue sides is the first print. Unfortunately, none of the ebay pictures show that box flaps. However, I do own the all white variant and here's that scan.


It has a "-1" code so it's probably the second variant.

You may notice that one side is still sealed. I bought it new (weirdly at an estate sale last year and I do not go to many estate sales) and opened it for the scans. Apparently, I never opened one side, so let's change that.


Nothing that much more interesting. Oh well.

If you are curious here's the rest of what came with it. (minus the zapper, that doesn't scan well)




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