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Things you like to see in an SRPG/Strategy game


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Here are some things I like to see:

Hex grid maps
Zones of control
Large armies with lots of different types of units
The ability to equip your characters with lots of different weapons, armor, shields and special items
Lots of secrets to find
Side quests
An AI that will kick your butt and make you work for victory
No perma death - per above I don't mind taking casaualties and I hate to lose characters I have invested in
The ability to shut off battle animations - they get old after awhile

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I like seeing:

Hex map grids

Zones of control

lots of unit variety

different paths/story lines to take based decisions you make in the game or from battles won/lost                                                                                   

A strong A.I. that gives you a challenge

Mission variety. Offensive or defensive missions with a turn count. Reach a certain point on the map before the enemy does. Rescuing a captured character.

Character class changes and/or promotion eg. Ogre Battle

I like character death as long as I have lots of other characters to develop in reserve.


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One other thing I would like to  see (depending on the type of game) is the ability to modify the environment.   The only game that I am aware of that allows you to do this is Vandal Hearts II with its block making ability.   Kinda like having legos on the battlefield.  Because of the really flawed battle system I have more fun building things than I do with fighting the battles. 

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