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Help identifying some vintage bootleg games


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I got these from a local guy I know, all sold with an Atari clone.

I can't get these carts to run in the Atari clone though, so they might not be Atari. The msx cart I don't even think is necessarily msx either.

Yeah the dip switch has come off the one cart, sadly, I'm definitely not going to be the one to try to fix it though.




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9 hours ago, drxandy said:

Maybe colecovision? Just throwing a guess out there.

Edit: I see coleco has 15pin and Atari is 12 so maybe they are for Atari

The games in the second picture will barely fit into my machine, it's an extremely tight fit. Then again, maybe it's for a different Atari clone?

Information about Atari and other old machines from that era is so scarce and incomplete , over here 

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