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HD Digital Video Footage from 1993


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Oh yes!!  I did a topic about just that at the old NA forum; here's a few other gems you might like; YES, this is how far back the first US mentions HDTV...and yes the transition to HDTV is much like the transition from B&W to color TV.

And the US public was able to get a HDTV of their very very own...NINE years later!!

First live HDTV baseball game the year prior...but you had to be in special rooms to be able to see it

First HDTV baseball game that the general public could see...well the lucky few who could plunk down a few thousand for it at the time....and yes adjusted for inflation that's how much it'd take to have a color TV back in the late 50s-early 60s...and only a small minority of programs back then were in color!!


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