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Games for Offer , Help me buy a Analogue Super NT !


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I'm from Canada just an FYI

I'm looking to buy a Analogue Super NT and some SNES games i want so i have a bunch of games for trade or sale


( my want list is at the bottom of the page )



Nes Games :


Ask i have alot


GBA Games :


Gameboy Advance SP System Limited edition ( Platinum/Onyx )
No Charger**

Final fantasy Legend 3 
CIB Map and manual are rough**

Final fantasy Legend 2
No Manual * Map is rough

Final fantasy Adventure
CIB Map and Manual are nice**

Mario party Advance
CIB All Nice condition**

Donkey Kong Country 2
CIB Good Condition**

Breath Of Fire 2
CIB Nice condition**

F-Zero Maximum Velocity
CIB nice condition**

Shining Soul 2
CIB Nice condition**


MISC Stuff :

Video Games sound tracks ( some are from club Nintendo )


Wanted games :


Analogue Super NT system 

Pokémon Red ( Box And Manual Only )

Pokémon Leaf Green ( Box And Manual Only ) 

Earthbound Player's guide ( can be a bit beat up )

Castlevania Dracula X SNES

Space Megaforce SNES

Final Fight 3 SNES

Dragon View SNES

Adventures of Batman and Robin SNES

Sunset Riders SNES

Captain Commando SNES

King of dragons SNES

Legend SNES

Axelay SNES

Street fighter alpha 2 SNES

Phalanx SNES

Bust-A-Move SNES



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