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Feedback Spreadsheet Template: Feel free to copy and use!


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I know I just posted this in the feedback topic, but since this could be specifically useful (and possibly a pin-worthy thread) I wanted to share a spreadsheet template I created for user feedback.

Google Sheets Feedback Summary Template v1.0.

Feel free to copy this spreadsheet to your own Google Drive account and rename it to contain your own feedback details.  The idea being that as you make changes to your spreadsheet, you can repost the contents to your primary post in your personal feedback thread.

Since feedback threads should contain conversations between the people engaging in a given transaction, I think the honor system should work.  If someone does post negative feedback in your thread, and you have one of these spreadsheets on your headers post, it's not going to look good for you to have a long list of positives, and then anyone can skim and see the negative posts within your thread.  Others may call you out on this as well, and we'd all to be branded as "scammers".

Features Include:

 - Data!  A good amount for feedback!

- Filters added!

-Color coding for Buy/Sell/Trades, so long as you mark them with "B", "S" or "T".

- Color coding for Positive/Negative/Neutral feedback, so long as you mark them with "P", "N" and "E", respectively.

- Graphs!

Feel free to make suggestions if you'd like to add them to the template.



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2 hours ago, 0xDEAFC0DE said:

Thanks for sharing. That seems like it will be very helpful. 

I can tell you are using that dark theme plugin though. The text you copied is inverted to anyone using not using the plugin.

I had no clue it'd do that, but I fixed it.  Thanks for point that out.

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