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FO/FT Lego castles and town

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I've had these stored for a while and attempted to sell about a year ago but the Lego forums turned me away cause I guess they don't like people jumping on there for just one sale. Anyways, there are 2 bins that have partially constructed sets in them (I think they're actually 4-5 sets total), but they're all probably missing some stuff. I think the village houses are the most complete. 

Also a pile of Lego guys and gear.

I love these Lego, but have had no room to display and they've been collecting dust for a while. I'd rather them go somewhere more appreciated.

Lastly, I understand that incomplete sets aren't worth as much, so I'm going offer only as is. Everything in the pictures is yours. If you need more pics or info I'm cool with that. Thanks.



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