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FS - Dreamcast/Genesis/N64/PS1/Saturn/SegaCD/SFamicom/TG16 Games


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*Edit* Tidied up the list of games to only include games with prices to avoid confusion. I'll try to price out the rest when I'm able.*End-Edit*

Hey everyone! I used to be an NA lurker and occasional buyer/seller for a few years. I didn't have much feedback, but it was all positive and I'm proud of that. I'm glad to be here now.

I prefer to only ship within the US at the moment but if you want to try to work out shipping outside US we can talk it over and maybe work something out.

I offer free shipping to the lower 48 states and I'm only interested in processing orders totaling $50 or higher.

All my orders are packed carefully in bubble wrap to help ensure they arrive undamaged.

You can see my Ebay feedback here:


I do my best to always make sure my customers are happy. Without buyers, you don't need sellers.

If a game on the list doesn't have a price next to it, I either haven't had a chance to set a price or haven't decided on one yet. I'm still slowly adding prices when I can along with games from other consoles in the upcoming weeks. Prices are based on availability and condition.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know.

Take care everyone and stay safe!


Spreadsheet of games available.



Dreamcast Photos:


Genesis Photos:


N64 Photos:


PS1 Photos:


Saturn Photos:


SegaCD Photos:


Super Famicom Photos:


TG16 Photos:


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17 hours ago, 42 foot tapeworm said:

is it me or is that wolfchild sega cd box really tough to find. also seems a rare game anyway but possibly undervalued at under $100 cib.

After looking into it, it seems you may be correct but since that's what I set the price at I'll leave it for now. If it doesn't sell I'll probably mark it up a tad when I list on Ebay. Thank you for the heads up on that!

I also added a Genesis section to the list now.

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