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  1. Interesting information. Thanks for the reply and the cap info Morbis!
  2. Hey all, Maybe my Googling is bad, but I can't seem to find what I feel is a reliable answer yet. I'm looking to replace the caps in all of my games and I was wondering if anyone knew if most games used the same sized caps and what values they are. I know there's some odds ones like Starfox, Mega Man X2/3, Mario RPG etc. on SNES but typically SNES seems to have a similar sized cap for most other games. The consoles I'm looking into currently are: NES, Famicom, SNES, Super Famicom(probably the same as SNES) N64, SMS, Genesis, Mega Drive(J), Gameboy, Game Gear. Some of these
  3. Bumping because this guy does excellent work and listens to customers needs. He resurfaced ~60 games for me and did a great job. Highly recommended!
  4. I'll send you a PM to get some more info, thanks Jack. Hi Tanooki. I don't need any of those but thank you for letting me know If you do end up finding more feel free to lemme know, thanks!
  5. Cool that you have those but nah, I'm just looking for the paper. It's just fun to read for nostalgia
  6. Hey James, Thank you for the reply. I can check those 2 sites out if nobody on here is able/interested. As for a dedicated cart it's mostly because I don't really have any other interest in NES hacks aside from this one and I do like a dedicated cart for ROM hacks that really stand out to me. Thanks again!
  7. I'm in FL so that's unfortunate. If you change your mind about shipping lemme know as I'm interested. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone that can make homebrew NES/Famicom carts, preferably Famicom. I would also prefer to use an original PCB over a new one. I don't need a custom label made, but if you do that as well I would be interested. Basically I'm looking to have a dedicated cartridge that can play the Metroid 1 hack called 'Metroid - Rogue Dawn', if it's even possible to run on a cart that is. Here is the link to the site: https://metroidconstruction.com/hack.php?id=441 Does anybody know of someone on this site that is able to make homebrew carts for a reas
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