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How Do I Beat This Super Mario Maker 2 Level?

Code Monkey

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EDIT - Now with $30 reward and video of level below.

I cannot figure out how this is supposed to be done, can anyone tell me? I can get to the third room with a Boom-Boom guarding the key and the only way to defeat him I can see is 2 Bob-ombs in the top right but they explode before they fall down far enough to reach him. I don't understand, how am I supposed to do this? Thanks for helping!

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Added reward.
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I don't know, but I see a red key at top left and a locked door at bottom right, behind bricks that can be cleared with one of the P-blocks. I have a feeling you can make progress if you get through that door before heading up to the area where Boom Boom is. I also note the ⇘ arrow right next to Boom Boom - maybe that's a hint to clear the uppermost coins on the lower level. 

The other thing I would try is go to that area and stand on the ground. Kill the Rocky Wrenches when they show up, but otherwise wait around and see if any Bob-Omb can fall down lower before exploding. 

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