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Konami Reps Binder


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This thread didn’t get any traction before since I was only referencing the old NA thread. So I’ve started over and posted some pics. What’s this binder worth?

I got it from a guy who’s dad was an agent representative for Konami and Irem in the NES-SNES days. He used to go around and present these games to retail executives to try and get the retailers to place large orders direct from the publishers. This was one of the binders he used in his work.

Theres a lot of marketing info and target audience demographics info. Also some artwork that I haven’t seen anywhere else for some games.




Promo material for unreleased US version of GB Hammerin Harry


Promo material for unreleased US version of NES Hammerin Harry


Promo material for unreleased US version of NES Kung Fu II (aka Spartan X2)


Maybe if the representative had just utilized this binder well enough and convinced a retail exec to place a bulk order of Hammerin Harry or Kung Fu II, just maybe we would have seen a US release. Oh well 😔 

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I though the front cover was neat. One of the little game screens is for NES Ninja Turtles, but it appears to be a prototype version. The turtle sprite looks a little different than normal and there is some text at the bottom of the screen that’s normally not there


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On 9/2/2020 at 10:13 AM, Penguin said:

Man this thing is awesome!  Have you sold it already?

No I still have it. Originally I was thinking to donate to a game museum, but I have since grown sour to that idea. 

It is for sale for the right kind of offer, but I’m not actively trying to sell it 

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