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What's the proper etiquette here: ask for help or not?


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In Taiwan, you can mail / receive packages at 7-11. So if I sell something to you, I can send it from a 7-11 near me to one that's near you, and you can then pick it up once it arrives. This is preferable to many people as (1) you can order items more discretely,  (2) you can send / pick-up parcels any time during the day, any day of the week. 

The problem I've run into when sending parcels to local people is with inputting the Chinese characters into the machine, either by handwriting or by Taiwan's bopomofo system. I understand the latter just fine, and I also have enough knowledge of how characters are written that I can usually write something out that the system recognises. The problem though is that I am slow.

So whereas it might take an average Taiwanese one or two minutes to do this, it might take me five or ten, with me taking longer as the pressure builds up from a person waiting behind me.

The other option I have is to ask the sales clerk to help me, but with this option, I feel like I'm bothering him or her by forcing them to help me input this stuff.

So what is the appropriate action for this situation?  

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