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Neo Geo Mini question

Andykin Skysk8r

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$50 shipping?!

Yes Gamestop has carried it all along, but they also don't care about how markets change on that one as they still want $100+ for it, and you can regularly buy it on amazon (and also a few others like new egg, even ebay) for $50 or maybe less new and used.

Don't be dumb and feed Gamestop, the price they ask you could buy TWO, or buy the unit plus a pair of controllers they made along with the mini hdmi to HDMI cable needed to use it as a TV based mini console that it actually is.


Also depending on tastes, get the International one if you love Metal Slug and a few other gems.  The Japanese one the roster has every single KOF and Fatal Fury game so the line up is like 2/3 or more fighters losing some quality games in the mix.  But if that's your thing, go Japanese then but expect less variety.

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