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Mac NES Development Tools

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Not sure if this is allowed, and if it's not I'll take this post right down.


The toolset for developing NES games tends to be a bit Windows-centric. Yes, you can use WINE, but native options tend to be in short supply or need to be compiled from their source code. The latter option is sometimes way easier said than done. Due to this, I wanted to make it a little easier for any fellow Mac based devs and provide binaries of a few common tools.

1. Nes Screen Tool. A cross platform fork named NESTool was developed but required building from source. This one was a bit of a pain to build

NESTool Repo


2. ASM6 version 1.6. Common assembler that also needs to be built from source to run natively on a MAC.

asm6 Repo. Pretty sure this is the fork I built from.


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