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Recommendations on a GBA SP replacement battery?

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The battery in my GBA SP seems to be bad. It charges, but starts to flash that it's low after 60-90 mins tops. There's some fairly cheap aftermarket replacements on Amazon I'm seeing, but just curious if anyone has personal experience and can recommend a particular one? Thanks!

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I haven't heard much about the quality on them varying other than just getting a bad one.  A good many of them simulate the original GBA logo/lettering style on the print on them to mirror fairly well an original and I've seen those seem to hold up best compared to the no-name junk that look like generic mobile phone/third rate handheld gaming power sources.  I really would not be surprised if those that mimic it probably are near/as good as an original as if the Chinese were like screw it, rubbed Nintendo off, and just kept making them for themselves to profit by.  I've never had to get one as I've harvested a few SP, DS and even GB Micro batteries as backups.

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