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WTB: A Nice Mega Man 1 CIB Foil Sticker Wily Variant. Also looking for a factory sealed GBA SP NES edition and beat up MM nes carts and boxes.


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I know,a weird mishmash of stuff I’m looking for. 

For the MM 1 foil sticker Wily variant,I want to find one in great shape. Does not have to be perfect,but I don’t want one that looks like it was involved in a rousing game of hackeysack.

Also looking for a factory sealed Game Boy Advance SP NES edition.

And lastly I’m looking for beat up MM nes stuff. Boxes and carts.

I would like the boxes to be intact,but not necessarily mandatory.

Carts with torn or faded labels....gimmie. The crappier the better lol. 

Looking to get them at cheaper prices due to condition and hopefully someone out there is just looking to get rid of that kind of stuff. Worth a shot anyway.

Anyway,watcha got?

Take care and stay safe!

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5 minutes ago, OptOut said:

I do! Never have anything that anyone wants tho, lol!

Lol,I figure it’s probably like at least a 10:1 ratio on people who look at the seller threads than buyer threads.

I’m getting really close to finishing my collection. What I posted is basically all I have left to get,so I hope I can find some people on here with these few things I need. 

Fingers crossed!

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