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I create comic book characters


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You may know me from my NES Force Bot game that I am working on, but I also work on tons of other stuff too.

Since the early 2000's I've been creating comic book characters and would like to make an actual comic book one day. I finally decided to show off one of the comics. This is just one of my creations I have many more characters and stories to share.

Here is my Twitter: https://twitter.com/EricSch70919379

Here is my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ericschafer


And here is a Q and A discussing the character and story. It's going to be a bad ass comic and story. Trust me.


Q: Why is his name Adamas?

A:  Adamas is an ancient Greek word for Diamond.


Q: What is Adamas?

A: He is a god that lives in our solar system.


Q: Where does he live?

A: He lives deep inside of the planet Neptune.


Q: What does he do?

A: He protects the solar system from threats like space monsters, aliens and other gods.


Q: There are other gods like Adamas?

A: Yes, the Universe has many of them and they live inside planets and stars.


Q: What are his powers?

A: He has super strength, doesn't need to breathe air, extremely strong physical structure,  the ability to fly, can generate electrical energy attacks and possibly more. 


Q: Can a knife cut him?

A: No. Since he is made of diamond, no blade can harm him unless it is a diamond blade. Only a diamond can cut a diamond. 


Q: Does he have a weakness?

A: Yes, extreme heat and fire. 


Q: Can he be crushed or broken?

A: Yes, under extreme circumstances he can be broken, but he can heal himself by going back to his home planet.  


Q: How does he heal himself?

A: On his home planet there are diamonds deep within the atmosphere which can rejuvenate his injuries. 


Q: Does he fight crime, would he stop a bank robber?

A: These circumstances are of little importance to him. He only battles serious enemies which cannot be handled by humans. 


Q: Does he speak?

A: Yes, but he is a man of little words. 


Q: How old is Adamas?

A: He is billions of years old.


Q: Why does he look human?

A: It may be that he came to this solar system billions of years ago and implanted life on planet Earth, which is why humans look like him. 


Q: What other franchise would you compare this to?

A: It's like a mash-up between Superman and Godzilla. 


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Interesting! I am intrigued.

Just want to also point out your links as they are in the post just redirect to this thread. Had to copy them as text and paste them into a new tab to get to them.

Also looking at your patreon you might want to elaborate on what the differences between tiers are, as they are have the same text currently.

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