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howdy i wrote a mess of a little thing to pull your inbox messages from the gocollect forum.

download here

or find the link on the FRANK'S NES PATCHES page (use an adblocker please)

it's a windows app. it will launch firefox loop through your inbox and read your messages. it saves your messages to an xml file on your machine. you can use the app to open the xml file from your machine any time after. there are some super basic filter for dates and a search term.

*** requires firefox right now. i can work on chrome support if you need it.


extract the zip file

launch nainbox.exe

on the first run, click the download button

put your NA username and password in the boxes and go (user and password not saved, just used to download)

you'll get an xml file

close the download window

back on the main window click open and choose your xml file


it looks terrible and will probably fail spectacularly if you look at it wrong but it was good enough for me to find an old message i was looking for. let me know if there's something you really need to get what you want out of your old messages.

*** note that fuckin gocollect's forum is garbage and you will probably be missing several pages of inbox because their shit breaks. sorry, i haven't figured out how to work around their incompetence yet. if anyone has suggestions let me know thanks.

*** edited 3/30 added some code to guess at possible conversations on a broken inbox page. probably not 100% but finds a lot. you may still be missing conversations unfortunately.



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2 minutes ago, Gloves said:


Now if only we had access to see our transactions...

that's not available anywhere right? it seems like they pulled the bare minimum out of the old forum into the new one. 

other than pm's i think the forum posts themselves are the only available info.

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made some changes to attempt to find missing conversations.

every conversation has an id. most of mine are in sequential order. so, if i'm going to an inbox page that doesn't load, i can start checking in order from the point of the last known conversation and see if the id turns up a good hit for me. i can find a bunch for myself this way, out of like 5 pages that don't load.

some conversations have id's way out. what i think happened is when gc imported all the inboxes, they went user by user, maybe in order users joined NA, and created a new id for each conversation that user was in (that hadn't already been seen while processing another user). I joined 2008, which is relatively early. if you joined years later, most of your conversations may have been processed under the other parties' names, so this will be less effective. but it's the best i can manage right now.

link now points to the newer version, just download and replace. the whole history gets downloaded again, so you don't need an existing xml file if you already did it. let me know how it works.

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