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Ability to rotate images?


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For some reason images from my camera appear upside down.  There is a editing feature on the site but it doesn't actually give the option to rotate an image. (At least not that I saw)

I know I can upload it off site and flip it there and re-link.  But is it possible to rotate images on-site?

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Why not take the photo in the correct orientation?

Lots of times when people place something on the floor or a table and then point their phone down to take a photo of it, they're tiling the top of their phone down too far so the accelerometer in the phone detects that as the lowest point in the photo. Then you upload the photo here and it reads the accelerometer data, flipping the photo upside down.

Try slightly tilting your phone the other way when taking the photo, there's even an on screen image on your phone telling you which way is up while you're taking the photo. Sometimes I have to pull the phone back to re-orient it and then try again.

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