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The Italian Job - Variant? (PS2, NTSC)

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Anyone seen this before? Found them at a game store in Colorado today. I should’ve gotten more pictures but when I was comparing the front and back of each side-by-side, I didn’t find any differences. I don’t think this is a case of sun fading, personally. eBay doesn’t help much considering sellers don’t usually post pictures of the spines. The one spine I was able to see on eBay has the word “Job” in yellow.


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Personally, I'm pretty sure that the "white" one is, in fact, sun fading, as looking at it closely, you can see that the words aren't all the same color "THE" and "ITALIAN" are the same color of white, but "JOB" almost has some sort of pinkish hue to it.  Looking at the two side by side, the white on the text of the "variant"is clearly less white than the normal one next to it, again leading me to firmly believe that it's just some serious sun fading on the spine.

Edit:  Looking at it again, I think there's even more evidence of sun fading looking at the two copies of Jak II that are to the far right.  The one furthest to the right clearly has the red bleached out of the Jak II logo and the blue of the overall package is obviously lighter than the normal one right beside it.  Seems a lot like a bunch of long unsold flea market fair mixed in with stuff that's been better kept.

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