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My Game Room/Office (Work in Progress)


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I started collecting in earnest back in 2016.  At that time, I had a borrowed office and I kept most of my collecting in boxes, packed away around the place.  Well, finally, I've moved in what is intended to be a permanent, home office.  Well, my office is setup so I can get to work.  The unboxing, shelving and hooking stuff up is a bit of a work in progress, which is the point of this post.  I'll update this main post with the final transition.  Below are the current stages and where it's come from so far.

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Phase 1:  Moving Into the Office and Shelving

Not much to see here, but in our soon to be new home, we kept a lot of shelving.  Here, I'm positioning it and trying to find where the CRTs should go.  The trinitron on the right is a late model one from around 2004, the one on the left I just picked up and is from 1991.  16 bit and under will be on the 91, and everything older meant for a CRT will be on the left.

My desk is where I work.  It still needs to be adjusted but since these are 4k monitors, I'll probably be hooking up my Switch to it and probably a PS4 if I ever pick one up.

Also, yes, that Trinitron is nasty... I started cleaning it last night and I think it sat in a barn or something.  It doesn't smell bad except when I started cleaning it, which was odd.  It's super-brown but that film has come off.  I'm probably going to disassemble the plastic shell and I'm going to let it soak in hot soapy water.  The TV does work fine, though.


IMG_20200307_154947.jpg  IMG_20200307_154948.jpg  

IMG_20200307_154950.jpg  IMG_20200307_154951.jpg

And here is a really bad panorama...


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35 minutes ago, tbone3969 said:


Yeah ,many of these shelves were already in this house.  I'm placing them where I want them and since I might pull one or two out and replace them, I'm not going through the pain of cleaning them all until I have them where I want them.


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