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Pokemon card collection $100 shipped OBO


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Over the years I have picked up Pokemon cards at sales, thrifts,etc. I know very little about them and am looking to get rid of them.

They range in age from pretty early editions to recent. Quite a mix actually. Condition varies as well from well used to nm.

I sorted them by years and types and pulled any holo looking cards or anything different to put in a binder.

Separated the basic cards from level 1 and 2 also. Lastly pulled all the trainer and energy cards.

Long story short, see pics. Would like to sell as a whole and there's probably some hidden gems in here as I honestly dont know or care really. I'd do singles in bulk but I dont have a list and dont want to make one.

Throw me an offer on the lot or singles. Not looking for top dollar just looking to pass them on to another collector.














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Beautiful set of cards there.  Roughly though date wise, 2015 to present are playable cards unless the wording over time has not changed, and energy are more or less timeless for general use.  The older stuff comes down to collecting, love of the art, or the oddballs worth something more than others.  A few people here could tell you what it's all fairly worth, I couldn't, I'd ask them myself as i'm even a little tempted.  I don't play much, a little with my kid as she's learning slowly, but the art on them and variations are interesting.

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On 3/2/2020 at 9:07 PM, VGD said:

Thanks Tanooki.


How about $100 shipped OBO peeps?

Pretty sure the Bindered cards would break that easily in value, plus the hundreds of other cards.

I'm not interested in buying, buy just an FYI that this site is a blessing for Pokemon card values. It's the VGPC of Pokemon TCG.

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