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Any other fans of this game here?  If you like strategy games and you haven't tried it you might want to give it a gander.  It is based on the old turbografx-16 game "Military Madness".  It includes the 32 original scenarios, 32 new ones and 44 scenarios from a contest for fan generated battles in Japan.  That gives you a whopping 108 scenarios in a game that is not very expensive.  It is pretty unique in that once you have completed the first 64 battles you can go in and play any one of them to try different strategies.  The battle are often fairly challenging - and you soon learn that standard line tactics will not work - the AI cuts lines into swiss cheese - so you have to be creative in your tactics and understand how your units interact (there is a support system where your units' attack and defense rankings are heavily bolstered by the units next to you.   

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