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[ENDED] Mario Hacks and Pokemon Hacks on Famicom (ends March 3rd Tuesday at 12:00 noon EST)


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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting! First for some general rules:

1.  All auctions end on Tuesday, March 3rd, at 12:00 noon (EST)

2.  All auctions ship from Taiwan. I can ship anywhere abroad!

3.  Shipping for 1 - 2 carts is $5, from there I can combine shipping for any other auctions won.

4.  Please look at the pictures! I can always take more if need be, or clarify condition if asked. Because these are obscure / somewhat rare / bootleg items, condition is not something I particularly hold in high regards, so please don't expect me to describe every label or mark. All of the carts work fine, and condition is generally average or  better. If you have a concern, please ask. Thanks!


Auction I: Pokemon Yellow (Hack) Famicom 

Starting Bid: $20
High Bidder: SuperJimtendo $20

6310559600_1582552828_thumb.jpg 7412337400_1582552845_thumb.jpg 7731433800_1582553040_thumb.jpg 1934849100_1582553054_thumb.jpg 

This is a hack of Felix the Cat for the Famicom, with the main character being replaced by Pikachu! IIRC Felix wasn't ever officially released on the Famicom either, so for those wanting to play this fun platformer on a 60 pin machine, this an alternative solution.


Auction II: Mario IV (Hack) Famicom 

Starting Bid: $20
High Bidder: n/a

1184136300_1582553214_thumb.jpg 3839302200_1582553220_thumb.jpg 7306196500_1582553231_thumb.jpg 9421456700_1582553249_thumb.jpg 

Mario IV is a hack of the Japanese-exclusive platformer, Armadillo, with our favourite plumber making an appearance.


Auction III: Super Bros. 8 (Hack) Famicom 

Starting Bid: $25
High Bidder: n/a

8264117400_1582553361_thumb.jpg 2571721300_1582553370_thumb.jpg 1492562000_1582553377_thumb.jpg 8775675800_1582553387_thumb.jpg 

This one was sold to me as new old stock, purchased directly from a store. The game is Super Bros. 8, a hack of the Japanese-exclusive game Don Doko Don 2, only starring Mario!


Auction IV: Mario Bros. 14 Adventures (Hack) Famicom 

Starting Bid: $15
High Bidder: n/a

2642542500_1582553495_thumb.jpg 3754976100_1582553503_thumb.jpg 5687373400_1582553513_thumb.jpg 1209722700_1582553531_thumb.jpg 

Mario Bros. 14 Adventures is one of two "Mario 14" hacks available on the console. It's a hack of one of the Tiny Toon games on Famicom, though I don't remember which.

Please note there is a piece of plastic missing out of the game cartridge shell. The game plays fine, despite this damage.


Auction V: Super Mario (17): Fighting of the Malilugi (Hack) Famicom 

Starting Bid: $35
High Bidder: n/a

3933210700_1582553717_thumb.jpg 2834835700_1582553724_thumb.jpg 2838995900_1582553735_thumb.jpg 9747298900_1582553744_thumb.jpg 

This is easily one of the rarest Mario hacks available on the machine. It is referred to as Mario 17 on the label. The game is a hack of Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers.


Auction VI: 4 in 1 Multicart from JY Company (Hack / Multicart) Famicom 

Starting Bid: $20
High Bidder: n/a

2994824600_1582553873_thumb.jpg 7676279100_1582553876_thumb.jpg 1942200200_1582553893_thumb.jpg 9774965600_1582553905_thumb.jpg 8081796800_1582553914_thumb.jpg 4292405400_1582554002_thumb.jpg 

This is a multicart from back in the day, published by JY Company. It contains four Mario hacks, namely Mario 6, Mario 14 (the second version), Mario 16, and Mario 17.


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