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WTB Mint CIB USA Metroid Prime


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Hey everyone!   I was Linkloz over on NA using the same Mara Jade profile pic, if you happen to remember me.  I had a good amount of positive feedback and can link you to my old profile.

As a Canadian, I have a CIB Canadian Metroid prime, but finding a USA variant of the original release for me isn't as easy to do without going online.  I've put this off for too long, help me fix this! 🙂

Condition is super important, I'm looking for a copy as close to perfect as possible (no resurfaced discs please).

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Anyone have a copy?  Been on my DS want list for years and years, but as a Canadian shipping costs (or sellers not wanting to ship to me, which is the most common) have made this one tougher to find than it should be.  Recently it's not had as much of an online presence either.  I figured it might be time to just ask for help 🙂

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  • The title was changed to WTB Flink Sega CD (Mint)
  • The title was changed to WTB Mint CIB USA Metroid Prime

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