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Does anyone here collect Gamate games? Anyone have any for sale or trade? If so, I'd likely be interested.

I've always been interested in the Gamate, an obscure handheld gaming machine that made its way around the world in the 90s. I had gathered a small collection of games locally, whatever I stumbled upon, but the games are quite hard to find in my area, and as a result, I only found about seven or eight of the 60 or 70 games released. This made the Gamate something I wanted to collect, but also something that was more passive for me.

Whilst on holiday in Florida a few weeks back, I received a message from a local guy that @OptOut and I personally know. He messaged me saying he found 35 Gamate games, all CIB, and asked if I wanted them. Of course I did!

After opening with a terrible price of $1000 USD, I managed to get him to drastically cut that price, and last night I was finally able to drive over to pick these up from the guy.

I'm stoked about the quality and condition of these, and am really excited to add more to the collection. I hope I can get this set mostly complete by the end of the year 🙂


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Well the price wasn't exactly a steal, especially for local standards, but it was more than fair. I do agree though that the quality of these really does shine, it's definitely one of the better parts of my collection and honestly something I couldn't pass up.

One of my best finds though? Nah, the Sega protos were the best by far, I still feel tingly just thinking about it.

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