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Mega Man 7


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Ok Sages check this out. Bought MM7 from the game store yesterday for a good price (actually paid pricecharting price at a brick and mortar game store!).

so this morning I put it in my SNES which is the picture with the UN123 serial number. I see the licensing page and the capcom animated logo and then after that all I get is sound. I cleaned the cart and the SNES cart slot and tried again, same deal. 

I hooked up my spare yellowed SNES with the serial number UN218 and the game played perfectly, for funsies I hooked up the SNES Jr and it worked fine as well. 

I opened the big body SNES consoles up and the UN123 has a different motherboard than the UN218. The 123 has like another sound board that hooks into the motherboard where the 218 has sound chips on the motherboard. I didn’t grab pictures of that but I’m sure most of you know what I am talking about. 

So my question is with MM7 being released on the end of the SNES lifecycle, is it a known issue with the older SNES motherboards? Any other games like that? I guess I’ll switch to the Jr from now on since it displays better video anyways. 



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