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Shovel Knight on NES?


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Possible? I mean, the demo is an actual NES demo by Kasumi. So what you're seeing there is definitely possible.

But a full NES port would require a lot of changes and sacrifices. Note how flickery things get in that video when fighting a single enemy. It would be significantly worse than that if there was a lot going on on the screen at once. Shovel Knight was designed to look mostly nes-like, but pushes things a lot further than what the NES could actually do, in this and other various ways.


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Very possible, as far as a demake goes. It’s a game made to look like blocky, unshiny graphics so it’s a good fit. It would however need to have much lower resolution than the official versions Sprites also need to be downgraded or combined, the latter being a technique that was used in the console’s original period so it can certainly be done now. 

All of that is in evidence in the video, so yes it is quite possible.

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