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Fairly recently during a sale I had picked up an immaculate copy of the Before Shadowgate book which I've never had before.  It kicked me off to looking again after a long lapse at ebay at books, dumb luck would have it I got 1-4 from an original owner collector, they're like new, cards, unbroken, un-anything wrong.  It reminded me about the trading cards they had.  Shadowgate doesn't have one or mention of it, I can't seem to locate info online how many of the books had the cards.  I also can't find record of the one before it Infiltrator having it either.  I'm thinking at some point they cut the cards, and I was curious if anyone had a better general history or cataloging of these old NES based goofy adventure books.  I'm thinking I'd like to get the other 3 I'm missing (not accounting for the junior other 2 in this) and would like to get them as nice as possible, and with cards if they had them.  To me they're fun, like a Japanese rubber monster movie or Howard the Duck, so bad, they're good and amusing.

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I remember getting all of these as they were released and showed up in the Scholastic Book Club flyers we'd get.I couldn't give you any specific dates, but by the time they re-released the original 4 books (the first 4 became available in a boxed 4 pack, which I got despite having the books already--just wanted the cool slip cover, really), the reprints came without cards inside.  I ended up taking my original print run copies and putting them in the bundle slip cover and either packing up or giving away the spares.  I haven't found all of them yet, as only a couple of boxes of my childhood books showed up in the storage unit housing stuff from my parents' house when my brother and I cleaned it out, but I'll give a look and see what all I've got on hand to confirm and keep an eye on this to update as we clean and clear up more of the house to find the rest of my books.

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That would be great fantastic even as it's a start.


I had a feeling perhaps since no one cares to show the whole copyright page on these things it could be a first run card, second printing without situation to save a few cents on cardboard sports card type paper and ink.  That has to make you wonder how far apart the first to the last (Shadowgate #8) were apart that some would have had this and some seemingly did not at all.  I'm kind of surprised it took almost a week for a reply as I'm sure someone here at a site like this (formerly NA) wouldn't have the library or know some obscure junk about it.

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