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NES Deluxe Set


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This is the complete 44 piece North American NES Deluxe Set as it was released on October 18, 1985:

  1. NES Deluxe Set box
  2. NES Deluxe Set Styrofoam insert
  3. NES Deluxe Set instruction manual
  4. NES Control Deck
  5. 2 NES controllers
  6. NES Zapper
  7. NES Setup poster
  8. NES Consumer Information and Precautions booklet
  9. NES Warranty Information
  10. NES Nintendo Seal of Quality insert
  11. NES AC adapter
  12. NES RF switch
  13. NES A/V cable
  14. Robotic Operating Buddy
  15. Robotic Operating Buddy poster
  16. Robotic Operating Buddy filter glasses
  17. Robotic Operating Buddy filter glasses instruction sheet
  18. NES manual bag
  19. Left gyro hand
  20. Right gyro hand
  21. 2 gyros
  22. Gyro holder
  23. Gyro spinner
  24. Gyro tray
  25. Duck Hunt CIB
  26. Gyromite game pak with sleeve, box, Styrofoam insert and instruction booklet
  27. 1 "D" cell battery
  28. 4 "AA" cell batteries
  29. Battery bag
  30. 300/75Ω converter
  31. 75/300Ω converter
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