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What do you consider YouTube's cutest cat/kitten and best kitty surprise present (Christmas or otherwise)?


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While the competition for the cutest kitten on YT is quite tough to say the least, I'd say with this one, what he does at the very end truly seals the deal 😄  Seriously, all of you who think you are such tough macho alpha males or something, just try to watch this without awwing or getting all warm fuzzies inside or whatnot 🙂


As for the best kitty surprise present, I cannot find a more off the charts adorable way of doing the kitty surprise than right here!  Wait till you see where she finds the kitty!  That is, if you can looks past her very unladylike language...

And a close second would be this one (at 7:46); I wish I could find the full length version but I suppose what I look for most in this category is creative presentation above all else (plus if his/her face turns red!  hee hee).  Don't you just love that light bulb/realization moment when they open the presents and they're all cat sorts of things and they're like, "wait a minute, why are we getting cat things...unless....SQUEE!!!!"


I nominate this one in the best kitty homecoming/reunion/greeting human home sort of deal.  I mean you see tons of videos of military people doing a surprise appearance/coming home or whatnot for their sons/daughters/spouses/other loved ones, but of course I think this reunion/greeting is truly the cat's meow 😄

As for a DIShonorable/Kitty Raspberry sort of title, this I would nominate as the most UNcute cat on the Internet!  Seriously, I thought cats are supposed to be kind, gentle, adorable creatures 😞


PS: You cannot nominate your own cats!  Sorry!

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